Monday's Food For Thought: The World's Largest Employer

Monday's Food For Thought: The World's Largest Employer

Did you know agriculture is the single largest employer in the world? I hear the media always talking about how more jobs are going to be created for Americans, yet there is this constant battle trying to restrict the agricultural industry. In 2020, agricultural exports made over 130 billion dollars that contributed to the U.S. economy. Why aren’t we listed in the top industries driving the economy?

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is considered be one of our largest money makers. Heparin, cortisone, some insulin’s and vaccines are just a few pharmaceuticals derived from animals. Heart valves from pigs have been used to replace our faulty ones for over 20 years. Agriculture has fueled our expertise in pharmaceuticals and why we are one of the best in the industry. Some other top industries are real estate, auto sales, and retail. Can you have any of those without agriculture to produce the materials to make them (lumber, cotton, rubber, plastics)? It is impossible to go throughout your day without coming into contact with something produced by the ag industry. 

Any student who has ever taken an agriculture class, learned that only 2% of the U.S. population is actually involved in the production (farming and ranching) aspect of agriculture. Feeding the entire nation is a heavy weight to put on so few people. We also send food and other agricultural products to other countries (like the exports mentioned above). Everything you see at the grocery store had to be grown or produced somewhere, by someone. Next time you are wondering the grocery store aisles, with the endless options of what to put in your cart, remember to thank a farmer.  

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